make a wish foundation

Topics: Make-A-Wish Foundation, Chi Omega, English-language films Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: April 27, 2014
itle: Make a Wish Foundation
General Purpose: To Persuade
Specific Purpose: I will persuade my audience to donate to the make wish foundation.

I. Introduction

Attention Getter: Can you imagine a sixteen year old waking up every morning knowing it could be there last day on earth. Can you imagine having so many hopes and dreams knowing you may never be able to fulfill them?

II. Credibility: After hours of research about make a wish foundation, I am very excited to share with you, some interesting things about make a wish foundation.

III. Thesis: Imagine the joy of finally becoming a parent. All the time, effort and dreams created with each new life. Imagine holding that perfect bundle of joy in your hands and looking into those eyes; seeing all the possibilities and future dreams in that one tiny gift God has given you. Imagine now those same eyes, looking at you from a hospital bed and hearing the doctors tell you that your child, our precious gift, is terminal.

IV. Transition: That dream, those precious few moments of remaining life for a terminally ill child, is why the Make-A-Wish foundation was established.

V. Body

A. Make a wish foundation

1. What the make a wish foundation is
2. What there goals are
3. How you can help

B. Support of the family

1. The support of the family is one of the most important things in this child’s life. 2. Family referring a child that may be eligible for a wish 3. Wishes that involve families

C. Major sponsor support

1. The top supporters: Disney, Macy’s Royal Caribbean, United Health Group, many more. 2. Why having sponsors are so important: wishes that came true using sponsors.

D. Volunteers are a huge part of the Make a Wish Foundation team

1. Different jobs that need to be filled:
Airport greeters, office support, Special events/fundraising, Kids for Wish Kids, many others

2. Walk for Wishes-A- walk for charity that helps raise money to...
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