Make Up Essay

Topics: Daughter, Family, Want Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: February 22, 2013
April Brown
Professor Richard Hendershot
Religion 212
10 February 2013

Life’s journey can carry us on different roads and those roads can lead us to our destinies. My roads have sometimes been long and winding along the way to get to where I am today. There are more paths to travel to get to my future with each one having its own story. The road loved the best is that of being a mom to wonderful seven year old twin girls. On this particular path my heart has been softened and challenged as one of the girls was born deaf as well as blind. Taking the steps to get her what she has needed to grow successfully in life has taught lessons in faith, patience, persistence and courage. Having to be resourceful and making choices that would be best for my daughter has been tough but worth every minute. My heart longs to see the day she goes on to pursue many dreams in life along with my other daughter whom is also a great joy in my life. The desire is to portray to them that strength comes in many fashions and that a strong woman can succeed at whatever she sets her heart on.

1. Why did you select this one item out of the thousands of items that makes up your life? Being a mom is a great joy that has taught many lessons and at times weighed heavy on the heart but one role in life that I would never trade for anything. To watch my girls grow and know they count on me to be the best me I can be is such a gift. This area of my life is the area that affects me the most over anything else I do in this world. 2. How much time/hours do you devote to your selection each day? Many hours are spent on my girls each day and the time is vast. Getting them ready for school (at 5:30 am), fixing them breakfast and getting them to school are just one part of the daily routine. There are the hours spent on homework, spending quality time with them and getting them ready for bed at night. However, in between this all is time spent at school meetings,...
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