Make or Buy strategy

Topics: SWOT analysis, Factor analysis, Project management Pages: 3 (498 words) Published: July 26, 2014
 Write a short paper describing the advantages and disadvantages for using internal resources (make) or using outside resources (buy) for the development of a new system in an organization.

The interior and exterior resources both are very useful for the advance of a new system especially when combination takes place its turn out to be great. There are internal resources such as IT department analyst and other expert persons, hardware, and software, financial plan and time line. The external resources are information transfer to interior IT department, springiness in terms of timely provision and choice of functionality, and corporate mandate or need of the expertise. The advantages of the internal resources are as follows.

The internal factors analysis is necessary, that can be done by surveying, exploring, classifying, and appraising. The core features are helpful to make in house production, longevity and running of the software. The problems can be known and solved out easily when it is in-house production. While...

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