Make Four Million Dollars by Next Friday

Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: August 24, 2006
Title: Make Four Million Dollars By Next Thursday
Author: Stephen Manes

This book "Make Four Million Dollars By Next Thursday" is about how to get rich in a week. The main characters in the book are Jason, his mom, Ravi, Stewart, and Dr. K. Pinkerton Silverfish. This story takes place at a park.

The problem in this story is that after school Jason and Ravi they go to the park and Jason losses his allowance that was twelve dollars. Jason was very mad that he lost his money. So he ran home and got his brother Stewart's treasure detector. He didn't find any of his money but he found this book on how to Make Four Million Dollars By Next Thursday.

Dr. K. Pinkerton writes the book. In this book he tells you all the steps it takes to be a millionaire. Dr. K. Pinkerton has done all these things and has become rich. So Jason finds the book and reads it. He also does everything it says to do. It's almost one week and Jason's still believes in it.

In conclusion, by next Thursday Jason was not a millionaire the book was just a prank. The next day when he went to school he saw his classmate with the same book. He wanted to say something to his classmate but he just kept him mouth shut about the book is not real it's just a prank.

I would recommend this book to people that just want to be rich. Because it will teach them a lesson about money and the value of it.
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