Make and Receive Telephone Calls

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CU672 - Make and Receive Telephone Calls

1.1 Describe the different features of telephone systems and how to use them Telephone systems have many different features in order for them to be used in a professional manner. Answer Phone - this feature is used for out of office hours. It enables people to leave a message when no one is available to take the call. Call Holding - places a caller on hold when having to do another task. This could be an array of different things such as transferring a call to appropriate managers or colleagues, finding paperwork, allocating invoices or finding customer details. Call Transferring - this enables a call to be diverted to the relevant person. Mute/Del - this button is pressed when an individual is out of the office. The call is then automatically directed to the next line. Conference Call - enables more than one caller to be involved in a single telephone call. Line 1,2,3,4 - these indicate which line the call is on for when transferring, also indicates another incoming call whilst another line is in use. Phonebook - allows you to find a telephone number with ease and not having to manually type the number in. Speaker - this features plays the call aloud so it can be heard without the hand-held phone. Text Messaging - enables you to send and receive text style messages.

1.2 Give reasons for identifying the purpose of a call before making it Identifying the purpose of a call before making it is important as it will ensure that the call sounds professional and you will be able to obtain any information necessary. It is useful to have key information and questions you may need to ask the recipient written down to avoid any hesitations and lack of mannerisms. 1.3 Describe different ways of obtaining the names and numbers of people that need to be contacted Obtaining names and numbers of people that need to be contacted on a regular basis is important and it is a way of saving time. We have a system in our...
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