Topics: Muhammad, Prophet, French Revolution Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: December 25, 2012
“The majority is always right”, that is what people believe, but not in my opinion. Fortunately, this wasn’t always the solution as the opinions of great men in history altered the way we live life nowadays. These great men stood up with their opinions and theories of different topics and subjects including warfare and science against opposing majorities and eventually won them over. One of these men, and the greatest of them all, is our prophet Mohammed (PBUH), the greatest leader and role model of all time. Even though the prophet took in mind the opinion of other companions, he had strict orders that his companions had to follow such as his orders during the battle of (Ahud) as the prophet’s opinion and order to the companions was to stay on the mountain rather than descending to collect the valuable left-over of the enemy. Unfortunately, the companions’ (which were the majority) opinion was to get down off the mountain as they believed that the battle was over, and that’s what they did. Later on, the enemy came back from behind the prophet’s army and irritated them with forceful attacks which lead to a big amount of casualties. This shows the wisdom of the prophet (PBUH) and how his opinion in oppose to the majority’s opinion was the right choice. This was an example of how the opinion of the majority is not always right in warfare. Adding to that, another example is the great scientist Galileo. During his era, people believed that the earth was a flat surface and that you would fall over the edge if you go too far, but Galileo had a second opinion. Galileo believed that the earth was spherical in shape and that you will loop around it if you keep moving. At that time, people, including his own students, thought that he was crazy and delusional. Higher ups in the governing system even threatened to put him in prison if he disagrees with their ideas. Nevertheless, Galileo never gave up and fought his way open to the books of history and science as he is...
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