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Major Writing Assignment

By sdharaden Dec 16, 2010 350 Words
Composition 2

Major Writing Assignment 2: Pro/Con Lists
The Case Against Tipping
• It would neatly alleviate any question of how much to tip on alcohol tax, and desserts and free meals. • it would relieve waiters and the IRS of the nightmare of accounting for unrecorded cash transactions and ensure taxes were paid appropriately. • Universal included gratuity could potentially reduce the cost of service overall. For every big tipper there’s another table who stiffs their waiter. • Uniform gratuity also ensures equal service for customers who (rightly or wrongly) may be seen as potential bad tippers. It would also mean that servers could be less competitive over “prime” tables.

• The biggest concern would be service. Without the incentive, would servers be as motivated to be cheerful and attentive to their customers? • I think most people who work for tips still strongly feel that good efforts are rewarded more generously. • Depending on how a restaurant does its accounting, you might be paying more than you would for a cash transaction. In effect, this just increases the cost of gratuity for the customer with no benefit to the waiter or support staff. • Restaurants would have to charge more for there food, to make servers happy. • People never return to restaurants that include tips, because it should be up to the customer. That really hurts the staff.

Consequences of Carnage as Entertainment
Pros & Cons
• Carnage in tv can be used for, selling lots of things, games, tv shows, movies, music, sex, dvd ect. • It can keep families occupied kids will sit in front of a tv for hours, a good baby sitter.

• They found that those who as children were exposed to violent TV shows were much more likely to later be convicted of crime. • Woman who watched more than an average amount of violence tended to throw things at their husbands. • Men who grew up watching violent TV shows were more likely to be violent with their wives. • Every violent TV show increases a little-bit the likelihood of a child growing up to behave more aggressively. •

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