Major Types of Plan

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Budget plan - estimates income and expenditures for a planning unit, whether an individual, group or organization. A budget plan is for a fixed period of time. When the time period is 1 year, the term annual budget is appropriately used. When the expenditure period exceeds 2 years it is appropriate to call the spending plan a strategic budget. When the focus of the budget is on capital expenditures for durable goods, buildings, etc. the best term for the plan is a capital budget. Contingency plan - describes actions that can or should be executed when a specific contingency occurs. For example, a disaster plan is an example of a contingency plan. A disaster plan may focus on specific events, like a fire or a tornado, or on a set or category of disasters, like a power grid shutdown. Crisis action plan - is created in response to an unanticipated crisis situation. In some cases a crisis action plan is developed from one or more contingency plans. Decision meeting plans - emphasize the agenda for a specific small or large group meeting, especially planning meetings. A decision meeting plan is an example of task planning. Financial plan - can be an individual plan for personal retirement or asset management, an organization plan for financing a corporate acquisition or for financing a major investment, or any plan related to obtaining financial resources. New venture plan - usually refers to a plan for starting and operating a new business venture. The term is broad enough however to encompass tasks related to any new venture whether initiated by an individual, group or organization for a profit or non-profit motive. Operations plan - covers a broad scope related to anticipating day-to-day activities in a wide variety of organization setting. The time frame for an operations plan is usually 1 year or less. Project or program plans are developed for a specific project or program. For example, NASA developed a project plan to put a man on the moon...
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