Major Religions Matrix

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Major Religions of the World Matrix

Complete the matrix using your textbook and outside references.

| |Buddhism |Christianity |Hinduism |Islam |Judaism |Taoism and Confucianism |
|Key tenets |1. The nature of suffering. |1. A belief in God - the |1. Belief in a Supreme God |Five Pillars: |1. Belief in the existence |1. While Taoists |
| |2. The origin of suffering. |maker of everything. |that expresses itself in |1. Faith or belief in the |of the Creator, who is |recognize a vast pantheon|
| |3. The cessation of |2. A belief that Jesus |manifestation just as the |Oneness of God and the |perfect in every manner of |of gods and goddesses, |
| |suffering. |Christ is the son of God, |waves of an ocean express a |finality of the prophet hood|existence and is the Primary|they do not acknowledge |
| |4. The way leading to the |and that he was killed to |part of the greater whole. |of Muhammad |Cause of all that exists. |any that are omnipotent |
| |cessation of suffering. |atone for the sins of |2. Believes that life is a |2. Establishment of the |2. The belief in God's |or eternal. All the gods,|
| | |mankind. |progression through |daily prayers. |absolute and unparalleled |including Laozi, are |
| | |3. That God sent his son |Evolution to that supreme |3. Concern for and |unity. |divine emanations of |
| | |(Jesus) to

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