Major Event That Contributed to the Intolerable Acts

Topics: Boston Tea Party, Tea Act, American Revolution Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: April 15, 2013
From Protests to Separation

All of the events contributed in causing the Intolerable Acts in some ways but I think that the Boston Tea Party played the most influential role of all. To help the East India Company from losing money, Britain passed the Tea Act which allowed the company to have a virtual monopoly of the trade for tea in America. This angered the merchants and the smugglers and they called for a new boycott on tea. Also on December 16, 30 -130 men dressed as Mohawks climbed aboard and threw 320 chests of tea overboard which took them approx. 3 hours. This was the last straw. When the colonists threw the tea overboard, they also threw away Britain’s sympathy towards them. This angered Britain because in the past the colonist have done many protests and boycotts to tick them off and throwing 320 chests of tea overboard caused Britain a great loss. So to get revenge on the people of Mass., G.B passed the Intolerable Acts or the Coercive Acts. This means that the Boston Tea Party played a huge role in causing the Intolerable Acts. These Acts closed the Boston Harbor until the Bostonians pay off the company for the tea, allowed British officials to go back to Britain for trial by jury if they were accused of crime and also allowed the governor to house soldiers in suitable quarters. And finally to put fuel in the fire, Britain gave the land south of the Ohio River Valley to Quebec. To sum it up, G.B. passed the Tea Act which angered the colonists so they threw tea which angered G.B so they passed the Intolerable Acts. I think this event is the most influential because right after this, Britain passed the intolerable acts.
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