Major Depressive Disorder
Topics: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Major depressive disorder / Pages: 7 (1731 words) / Published: Sep 16th, 2013

The word “depressed” and its multiple variations are thrown around casually in every day conversation. Often, one will say something like “that movie was so depressing.” Sometimes, a person who is feeling blue will describe his mood as depressed, but he does not actually have Clinical Depression. Clinical Depression, also called Major Depressive Disorder, is a serious, severe psychological disorder that affects the everyday lives of many individuals. It is actually quite common as “at least 10% of people in the U.S. will experience Major Depressive Disorder at some point in their lives. Two times as many women as men experience Major Depression.” (Levinson & Nichols, 2013) Major Depressive Disorder has many different causes; it is different for every person. But two of the most common causes are genetics and previous experiences. The disorder is often overlooked as just long-term sadness that will pass eventually. However, there are many more symptoms to the disorder than just plain sadness. The symptoms associated with Major Depressive Disorder can be very painful, both emotionally and physically. Luckily for those who suffer from MDD, there are many different forms of treatment available. There is a wide variety of psychotherapies available, such as cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal therapy, as well as many different kinds of antidepressants suited to fit a range of cases. Major Depressive Disorder is a serious mental illness that should be taken seriously –never brushed aside or ignored. The first step to overcoming Major Depressive Disorder is finding the root of the problem, understanding the symptoms, and providing the best possible treatment. If all is done properly and effectively, a person can break free from this detrimental disorder before it breaks him.
Often, it is very unclear why an individual develops Major Depressive Disorder. Through scientific and therapeutic studies, the root of the problem that causes abnormality can be found.

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