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The phrase "just get on with it" is a reoccurring theme in the story Maisie Dobbs. The author Jacqueline Winspear uses this phrase in many different ways. Moving on from a life changing event is always hard but sometimes has to be done. Mourning over it can sometimes have negative affects such as psychological damage.

Pg 52 " Mr Davenham, have you ever spoken with your wife about the war, about her brother, about her losses?" "No, never. I mean, I know the facts. But one just has to get on with it. After all, you can't just give in can you? Maisie talking to Christopher Davenham about his wife, she goes to visit Vincents grave and misses him dearly. Him and her brother were friends and both wounded in the war.

Pg 112" But what if you love him Enid, you can-"
"Can what, Maisie? Can what? No, theres no buts in the matter. He's going, and when he's gone. I've got my life to get on with. And in some way or another, I've got to get out of this ‘ere job. I've got to get on, like youre getting on." Enid talking to maisie about how she loves james.

Pg 166 "Poor lad hadn't begun to shave, just a bit of fluff on his chin. I wanted to just sit there and weep. But you know, you just have to go on. If I stood around mourning for them, another poor boy would die for want of an ambulance." Maisie reading priscillas letter talking about the death of a boy she had in the hospital. She mourns over deaths

Pg 171 Whats the use of worrying?
It never was worthwhile, so Pack up all your troubles in your old Kit-bag, and smile smile smile Song soldiers went by

Pg 176 "'No time for sorry,' said the sister. ‘Hes been gone for less then a minute anyway. You did all you could. Now then, theres work to do here. No time to stop and think about it. Just got to get on with it. Theres plenty more outside that need your helping hand.'" Maisie is a nurse taking care of wounded soldiers. A nursing sister comes and and says the quote.

Pg 207 "And theres plenty of men out...
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