Maintenance and Safety Plans

Topics: Maintenance, Tracking, Computerized Maintenance Management System Pages: 4 (1058 words) Published: October 7, 2010
What is computerized maintenance management? Explain the conceptual model through which the maintenance function can s achieve its objectives on a sustained basis

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) enable the facility manager, subordinates and customers to track the status of maintenance work on their assets and the associated costs of that work. CMMS are utilized by facilities maintenance organizations to record, manage and communicate their day-to-day operations. The system can provide reports to use in managing the organization's resources, preparing facilities key performance indicators (KPIs)/metrics to use in evaluating the effectiveness of the current operations and for making organizational and personnel decisions. In today's maintenance world the CMMS is an essential tool for the modern facilities maintenance organization. Prior to the computer age paper records were maintained to track the work. Reports were simple but costly to prepare. With the dawn of the computer age it was recognized computer software could be used to record work requirements, track the status of the work and analyze the recorded data for managing the work, produce reports and help control costs. With time computers have become more powerful, less costly, and easier to use and now provide tools to support improved maintenance practices. Facility professionals now have the tools to manage the planning and day-to-day operations and maintenance activities required for a single facility or a large complex, providing all of the information required to manage the work, the work force and the costs and provide management reports and historical data.

The conceptual model through which the maintenance function can s achieve its objectives on a sustained basis :

A. Operating Locations
The CMMS may include an application that allows an operator to enter and track locations of equipment (locations in which equipment operates) and organize these locations into...
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