Maintaining Human Resources Systems

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Human resource management, Occupational health psychology Pages: 4 (1318 words) Published: April 13, 2011
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Maintaining Human Resources Systems

This paper covers issues related to maintaining the Human Resource system and explores the role of health and safety programs that avoid accidents and control liability as well as describes the major approaches to compensation and rewards.

Role of Health and Safety Programs and approaches to Compensation and Rewards A human resource system in any organization plays a key role in the health and safety, compensation and rewards for its employees. Maintaining a health and safety program protects employees, prevents lawsuits, and ensures compliance to government rules and regulations. In addition, compensation and rewards for an organization make employees feel that they are valued, reduces employee turnover, and increases productivity, which can increase return on investment. That is why maintaining the Health and Safety programs and having approaches to compensation and rewards is critical to the human resource system. Health and Safety Programs

Health and safety is critical to organizations and for the employees because it controls liability. Fazzari, A., & Mosca, J. (2009). states, “outdated business models, and lack of strategic planning” are couple of reasons human resource programs are very important. It is critical to have a human resource system focuses on maintaining health and safety program that encompasses the businesses as well as the employees. According Fazzari, A., & Mosca, J. (2009), “good human resource practices produce …positive organizational outcomes [such] as productivity increases, lower turnover, and enhanced performance.” Businesses should ask questions before investing time and money into systems. What will be the best way to maintain the system? Should a company establish programs to promote growth? What policies structure to use in the business? Preserving policies and procedures help businesses to become better at developing a safety...
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