Maintaing Ethical Standards

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Maintaining Ethical Standards
Angela Lippy
October 19, 2014
Jenny Coon
Maintaining Ethical Standards
Recently I have been introduced to a new patient Cinderella, in our first meeting several ethical issues have been brought to my attention and therefore this documentation is needed. In this report I will review all the ethical issues that I have noticed as well as what the core principles in the AAMFT codes of ethics are in order to help this client to the best of my ability. Cinderella by far is one of the most challenging clients I have been involved with in this practice. During first meeting, she was very calm and open to how she is doing today in her role as wife and princess. It did not take long however to realize she is holding a lot inside in regards to her upbringing and thus rose some ethical points of view. As required we did discuss my responsibility to clients (principle 1) in that I will respect her rights as a client and make every reasonable effort to ensure services are used correctly. Also required by law was my responsibility to Cinderella that confidentially (principle 2) is one of the most important aspects of services being rendered. However I did state that in terms of her mentioning anything in regards to harming herself our others that this agreement would not hold in this case. Since this therapy is not court ordered no waiver is necessary in terms of confidentiality. I have also made clear that I will maintain the highest of standards of professional competence (principle 3) and always continue to improve my skills to better help her. I stated to my client that I will not exploit the trust or dependency (principle 4) and will avoid multiple relationships unless they apply to family therapy. In this case exploitation will never be made on any terms. During any training while she is under my care, I will be careful as to always respect the dignity and protect her welfare at all times. (Principle 5). As with...
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