Maintain an Environment to Empower People with Disabilities

Topics: Disability, Developmental disability, Disability rights movement Pages: 4 (1183 words) Published: May 7, 2013

Assessment 21382/01

Task 1
Answer the following questions and exercises:

1. Detail five (5) ways that you can support and encourage the independence and self determination of a person with a disability. * Assist people to maintain their dignity by maintaining existing valued social roles and by finding ways for them to gain more valued roles. * Respect the individual’s right to self-esteem and self-determination. It’s not just the right of able-bodied people, say something positive; catch them doing something positive. * Assist people in developing new skills and competencies by providing emotional and practical support. * Ensure they actively participate in the important decisions affecting their lives by first providing them with information and possible choices. * Recognise and respect a person’s individual, cultural and religious differences. This is particularly important as a person who has a disability and has religious or cultural differences is often doubly disadvantaged.

2. How can we encourage colleagues to promote the independence of people? * Workers attitudes and awareness of some of the restrictions that are faced by people with a disability on a daily basis.

3. List 2 support strategies you would use to promote a person’s independence, taking differences into account. * Be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. It is important not too rigid and if necessary to adapt to changes in circumstances in the interests of allowing people with disabilities to exercise their rights and independence. * Look for opportunities to provide new experiences. Clients should be encouraged with a diverse range of experiences to develop skills that will help them gain independence and exercise their rights.

4. In your own words explain the importance of advocacy in a Worker/person with a disability relationship. * Because workers have an important role...
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