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Topics: Character, Psycho, English-language films Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: September 10, 2007
This book takes place in the town of Toronto, Canada. A delinquent teen named Duncan is troubled teen that does crimes with his friends and has a job at the lost and found. During one of his days on his job at the lost and found he stumbles upon a mysterious diary lurking around while cleaning the lost and found area. This diary belongs to a serial killer who stalks some women that he sees and his targets may soon be hunted. Duncan takes action by reading the diary to find out who can this person be but gives up on trying to find the serial killer and decides to give it to the police. But due to his delinquent behaviors he finds himself uneasy when going to the police and they think that this is a joke. Now Duncan takes it upon himself to find the serial killer at all costs so that no one gets hurt. Graham McNamee brings a lot to the story by adding detail that shows what the characters are like and what goes through the mind of a teen that is distraught about the situation of trying to find the serial killer and adds a bit of everyday life into the mix. McNamee gives good details on the main character's story and what the main character goes through and been through. His style of writing at times brings you into the story and makes you see what the main character is seeing and feeling. Pros: Author does a fine job on creating suspense, plot stumbles in the beginning but then starts to pick up after, some parts of the story are very detailed with information that seems to be researched on a lot and makes you feel that you are in the story at times. Cons: Story doesn't catch you in the beginning, some parts of the story is confusing. Final word: Though the book may not get you interested in the beginning but soon after the read begins to become interesting and a good read.
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