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New Media: Online Strategy|
Mahindra ‘Reva’|
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Mahindra Reva
Mahindra’s first eco-friendly Electric car Reva promises to deliver clean, green, and connected zero-emissions mobility solutions. The Reva which was bought over by Mahindra for its introduction in the Indian market, is the world's most experienced electric car maker with customers across 24 countries who have collectively driven the Reva over 140 million km. Why they don’t click:

Website uses gaudy colours, the interactivity is very low and relevant product images and specifications are unavailable. The Facebook Page is active yet does not deliver right and useful information. It is not interactive, engaging and lacks regular updates. The Twitter handle is very lousy and doesn’t give any incentive for people to get involved. It is just another information provider. Need of the hour: Revolution with REVAlution!

Why Now?
* The approaching launch of the new Reva has been quite in news, therefore, it comes as an added advantage to combine the digital campaign with its new car * With Corporate Social Responsibility becoming compulsory, it’s a great chance to get involved with a green eco-friendly car, not only will it overhaul the entire image of Reva , but also serve as an asset to the eco-friendly and eco-sensitive community Objective:

* Positioning Reva as the car of the future because of its eco-friendly nature and as a desirable car * Increasing visibility for Reva

Target Audience:
* In the age group 18-32 years
* Environment conscious people
* Internet savvy people
* People with Budget constraints


Using audience ‘engagement’ as the key to sustenance through online platforms.

To achieve the above objective, a digital online campaign by the name of REVAlution will come to effect in order to enrich the online media space for Reva. It is meant to be an interactive and audience engaging campaign in which people will be introduced to the Reva cars virtually and in real time. The winners of the various events will be awarded exciting goodies from ‘People Tree’: a manufacturer of recycled and eco-friendly goods.

Phase I
* Website Strategy
The website revamp is an integral part of Mahindra Reva’s Digital Campaign as it will weave together the exposure obtained in all the other mediums. It will be the binding chord between the company’s Gaming strategy, Social media outreach campaign and blogging activities. It is one of the controlled strategies that can be adopted to promote Reva’s improved image among the target audiences. The website welcomes you with a very loud and jazzy orange-yellow color, which catches your attention in a very unappealing manner. The objective is to upgrade the quality and standard of the website so that it will be reckoned with amongst its competitors. The content is currently layered in a user-friendly fashion and serves the purpose of the website. On the other hand, the interactivity on this website is very low and relevant product images are not available. Even important details like the price and specifications of the car are unavailable. This makes it cumbersome for potential customers and these are serious mistakes on the part of the company. The text used on the ‘Home Page’ on the horizontal navigation tabs is too large and unpleasant. The vertical navigation tabs have been well- classified and information is put in an interesting manner. Breadcrumbs are also available as you navigate to different pages on the website. According to ‘’, the website currently reaches 30 users and delivers 30 page views each month. With the website revamp, these statistics will improve tremendously. The first step towards the revamp will be to change the ambience color of the...
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