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Cricket has developed from a game played only by English noblemen and aristocrats to a sport played and watched by millions. The origins of the game may be disputed, but the popularity of the game was created and promoted through the British Empire in the early 20th century. Most of the other cricket-playing nations were former colonies of the British Empire and, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation; the former colonies still take great pleasure in beating England at their own game. It is Twenty20 cricket — and it is celebrating its 10th year as an international sport. From big-hitting to spot-fixing, Mongoose bats to breakaway leagues, Twenty20 has forever changed the face of cricket. The Daily Telegraph, (2014). From marketing gimmick to billion-dollar industry, we track the evolution of Twenty20 cricket. p.single page. Cricket seems to be in the middle of the greatest burst of popularity ever at the moment. In an age when every fragment of entertainment talent is fighting for exposure, cricket has swept the opposition away. Justin Langer recently said he didn’t mind which form of cricket lasted longest, he’s just thrilled to his core that cricket is on everyone’s lips. The question posed to Justin is a good one.

Is 20-20 going to take over from Tests in the next five years and will Test cricket disappear after that? It would seem a silly question on the basis of a five-nil whitewash of England, especially with a series coming up against South Africa, another series in Australia next summer against India and the 2015 Ashes in England. But the 2014 T20 WorldCup in Bangladesh is imminent and its popularity is almost guaranteed.

What Big Bash has done for 20-20 in Australia is a microcosm of what the IPL did for that game in India. Some say Tests will disappear. Some say 50-50 is on the way out. Could Twenty20 become similar to baseball?

This could mean having a designated batter and designated bowler and even designated fielders? Fielder...
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