Magnolia Case Study

Topics: Management, Non-profit organization, Risk management Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case Study

Jennifer White

BSHS 373

October 15, 2012
Frieda Flowers

Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case Study

Building a non-profit organization is not an easy task. Whether developing a new non-profit department or starting a new organization from the ground up, the process takes time and work. A vital part of this process is the budget. Financial management of a non-profit organization is a science and minor mistakes or overestimations in budget can do long-term damage if the agency is not careful. The Magnolia Case Study is such an example. Despite numerous awards and rave reviews, a mistake in the budget negated the progress of the agency unintentionally.

I feel the board should have reconsidered just exactly what Mary was asking. Magnolia was awarded a grant that was for the year. This grant was not to extend past the year. The board should have considered the changes that would happen within the year. I feel Mary asked for money that wouldn’t be needed for the following year. That maybe she got a little ahead of herself with her funding request. Understandable, the city needed the additional help after the trauma of 9/11 but requesting that money for the next year should have been more thoroughly considered. A temporary grant should not be budgeted as permanent funding because the organizational infrastructure can change within the given year. I think, overall, the Magnolia was running smoothly and I wouldn’t have done anything differently except for the budgeting request. I might have also not have hired so many additional counselors and just done my best to make-due with less. Considering the circumstances of the extra funding I say the Magnolia would have been just as successful treating the clients with Post Traumatic Stress using a lesser amount of employees. Given the funding might not be redeemed for the next year; Mary should have considered having to lay people off if the agency...

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