Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Original Research

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From Aunt Minnie

Fused MRI and PET improve specificity of breast MRI

Researchers at New York University's School of Medicine have found that the combination of functional information from 18-F-FDG PET and anatomic localization from MR imaging can provide a valuable diagnostic method for the detection of primary and recurrent breast cancer. The study noted that fused PET and MRI images substantially increased the specificity of MRI, but, at the same time, decreased MRI's sensitivity in the group of patients analyzed.

Staff radiation safety: Putting an effective program into practice A century ago, radiation was considered to be so healing that entrepreneurs canvassed natural hot springs with Geiger counters to find radioactivity, then bottled the water and sold it as a health drink. It's true that radiation can be healing, and it certainly can be diagnostic. But only in particular doses, and in a hospital radiology department it's essential to protect not only patients but also staff from overexposure.

MRI may detect brain activity in vegetative patients
NEW YORK (Reuters), Aug 15 - Using functional MRI, British researchers have detected near-normal brain activity in a second patient who was believed to be in a vegetative state. The researchers suggest that fMRI may provide a way to identify brain activity in patients who otherwise appear to have no consciousness.

MRI may make colon cancer screening more tolerable
NEW YORK (Reuters Health), Aug 15 - The use of magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, may offer a more tolerable alternative to conventional colonoscopy in screening for colon cancer, new research suggests.

Total process management for efficient MRI suites
Today, financial pressures are compelling diagnostic imaging facilities to maximize referrals and squeeze more patients in and out of the scanner in a limited time period. Simultaneously, MRI safety is a major concern with organizations like the American College of...
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