Magnesium to Magnesium Oxide

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Magnesium is a silvery-white alkaline metal found represent by the atomic number of 12. This experiment involves combining Magnesium with Oxygen which is a gas represented by the chemical element 8. The word equation for the result of this experiment is Magnesium + Oxygen= Magnesium Oxide. The equation is Mg + O =MgO Definitions

Mass Number
The Mass number is the amount of Protons and Neutrons in the Nucleus. Atomic Number
The amount of protons found in the nucleus.
A pure substance made up of 1 type of atom.
Two or more atoms joined (bonded) together, forming a small particle. Compound
A substance made up of two or more different types of atoms that have been joined (bonded) together. Lattice
A lattice is a part of bonding between metals.
Word Equation
A word equation is an equation where only the words of the products and reactants are given. It is used to describe chemical reactions using words. Formula
A mathematical relationship or rule expressed in symbols.
The reactants are the chemical substances with which one begins the reaction with. Products
The products are the substances formed as a result of the reaction. Which in this case would be MgO.

Aim- The aim of this experiment is to make a compound out of the elements: oxygen and Magnesium, and establish the chemical formula for the product magnesium oxide.

Hypothesis- When the magnesium is heated in the crucible the strip will react with the oxygen. This will cause the strip to turn into a white powder. The correct formula for Magnesium Oxide will be MgO.

Lab Coat and Safety Glasses- The heating of magnesium and oxygen causes sparks and small fires which is why safety equipment must be worn to protect the skin and eyes. The most significant danger in this experiment is hot apparatus. Avoid touching equipment when hot. When not using Bunsen burner set it to a safety flame so it’s visible. Before the experiment is started check equipment for cracks to avoid damage. Use tongs to pick up hot crucible.

This picture shows the tongs being used to pick up the crucible. Equipment/Materials-

Strip of magnesium
Clean crucible with matching lid
Pipe clay triangle
Bunsen Burner
Heatproof mat
Gauze Mat
Safety Glasses / Lab Coat
1. Gather all the equipment and set up.
2. Using Sand Paper remove the oxide layer from the Magnesium strip. 3. Cut strip into smaller pieces.
Crucible showing Magnesium Strips in Pieces.
4. Weigh the empty crucible with lid and write down the measurement. 5. Place the magnesium strip in the crucible and cover it with the lid. 6. Weigh the crucible with the magnesium strip in it and take down the measurement. 7. Light the Bunsen burner and place the crucible over the flame making sure that’s it’s not set to a safety flame. 8. Every 5 minutes lift the lid slightly to enable oxygen to enter the crucible. 9. Weigh the crucible throughout the experiment and once the weight is consistent you will know that the reaction is finished. 10. Take down all the measurements.

Observations –
After the experiment it was found that the magnesium strip hadn’t completely reacted leaving After weighing our crucible, whilst placing it back over the Bunsen burner the lid came off. This enabled oxygen to enter the crucible which resulted in the magnesium sparking and catching alight. Because of time restrictions on our first experiment reaction wasn’t completed. In the second experiment the magnesium was cut into smaller strips so they would contact the bottom of the crucible which was the hottest.

Crucible with magnesium strip
42.33 g
5 mins
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