MagnaSoles: A Falsely Advertised Product

Topics: Healing, Satire, Advertising Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Kevin Lu
Mrs. Byrne
AP English Language
30 March 2015
The Onion: Satire and Advertisements
In The Onion’s article regarding MagnaSoles, a falsely advertised product, it satirizes how easily people are able to believe in advertised products even though they are scams. Through the usage of diction and an exaggerated and sarcastic tone, the writers purposely make this shameless advertisement overly ridiculous in order to make it clear of how some people willing believe anything. For example, in the passage a woman named Helen Kuhn remarks that after wearing MagnaSoles for seven weeks she was able to heal her twisted ankle. Ironically enough, a twisted ankle would normally take seven weeks to heal. Yet Helen confidently insists that it was the product that healed her ankle and not her body’s natural healing process. There is no clear evidence that is provided and The Onion further mocks this fact by previously mentioning how “pseudoscientists” guaranteed MagnaSoles’ effectiveness. This displays how an uninformed and stubborn consumer will believe in ridiculous claims so long as it cannot be proved false. Throughout the passage, words such as “pseudoscientist” and “Terranometry” are purposely used in order to exaggerate the testimonials of the product. Words such as “comfortons”, “reflexology”, and “semi-plausible” reflect upon how easy it is for companies to manipulate consumers. It goes to show that some people are often fooled into belief from intelligent-sounding words that share a resemblance to modern scientific words. Furthermore, within this passage, a man named Geoff DeAngelis, advocates MagnaSoles since they are "clearly endorsed by an intelligent-looking man in a white lab coat." By using the phrase “intelligent-looking man”, the article pokes fun at consumers who willingly believe information they are told as long as it comes from people who look certified. Not only does the diction show this but the hyperbolic tone also reflects this message...
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