Magna Deca

Topics: Marketing, Exercise, Marketing management Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: September 10, 2008
Jim Sherwood, the marketing manager of a consumer goods company called Magna Deca had his attention caught by direct marketers that were working with the continuously growing home fitness equipment market. Jim’s company focused mainly on marketing through traditional channels. However he was eager to get into direct response marketing and felt they had found an appropriate product to do so.

Magna Deca had acquired an at-home physical fitness gym that sold at less than $500.00. If the market was there, Magna Deca was ready to test it out and see what direct response marketing would do. With that said, a direct response advertising firm was hired to come up with a test direct marketing plan.

The plan that was suggested includes simultaneous testing of four positioning concepts and five magazines from five different media groupings at the same time. The names of 20,000 subscribers of five different magazines were to be rented and one quarter of each of these 20,000 subscribers sets were to be exposed to one of four positioning concepts.

A decision was made that a test program would be run under the name Personal Fitness System. In order to test both media and the message, 5,000 subscribers from each magazine would be mailed a lead generation piece that would be built around each of the four positioning themes. These themes are contained in the following headlines for four different self-mailers:

1. $500 won’t pay for much medical care, but it could buy a lifetime of better health. 2. You don’t have to spend hours jogging to get the exercise you really need. 3. Give your family the benefit of a complete $40,000 gym...for less than $500 4. The Million Dollar Body...for less than $500

Yes, I think that the Family gym is a viable direct response product because it is targeting entire families at once. By encouraging a healthy, fit family, this gives the buyer more reasoning to purchase the equipment in order to not only benefit themselves but their...
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