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Topics: Magic, Dragon, Magic word Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: October 13, 2014
In the story of The Fifty-First Dragon, theres this boy named Gawaine, he is big and strong but he is very weak at everything except with a battle Axe. The headmaster finds some type of potential on him, he thought he could make better of Gwaine.

Of all the the students in Knight school, Gawaine is considered the least promising in class. He would hide in the woods when the jousting class was called. Although the headmaster still believed in him he knows that he can do it, he just need a lot of training. So the headmaster chose him to be the one to slay the dragon. The faculty trained him every morning with the battle Axe. At his first training “he was truly impressive, for he had enormous strength as well as speed and grace” (Broun, p. 200). As being said the faculty thinks that he can do it with no fear and more confidence. But the headmaster still afraid that he might not be ready. Based on the Heywood Broun story of an awkward Knight who couldn't keep up with his classmates at the Killing Dragons Knight School, until a professor, in order to instill self-confidence in the Knight, convinces him that he can kill dragons with the best of them if he uses the magic word. And so he does until he meets his fifty-first dragon and forgets the magic word, and loses his self-confidence crutch provided by a word.Settings: The first setting is in a knight school where Gawaine is taught how to be a knight. It also takes place in the forest where he beheads all the dragons and is almost fooled into being eaten.

Plot: This story is about a student becoming a knight with no spirit at all named Gawaine le Coeur-Hardy. He was considered the least promising of all the pupils. The headmaster of the school thought he make better of Gawaine. He discussed about Gawaine with the Professor of Pleasaunce about how to make him more enthusiastic about training as a knight. Then they thought about training him as a dragon slayer. They knew that slaying dragons was dangerous...
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