Magic, Relative to Relativity

Topics: Albert Einstein, Special relativity, Magic Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Woodard 1
Chris Taylor
English 1020
Magic, Relative to Relativity:
Ladies and gentlemen may I direct your attention to the stage. You are about to see an act of real magic. This is not a trick. Mr. Wonderful (magician) will attempt to enthrall your curiosity by conjuring a sweet and cuddly rabbit out of nothingness. With his hand slightly hovering over the black top hat Mr. Wonderful begins waving dramatically as the crowd awaits the arrival of the bunny with bated breath. Abracadabra! As the bunny emerges from the hat the crowd gasps, and applauds the magician. This essentially is the scenario in which Albert Einstein has been measured against, in terms of impressiveness, by Chuck Klosterman the author of “Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs*”. Klosterman has asked his audience if a magician, that uses real but limited (rudimentary) magic is as impressive as Albert Einstein? Of course not! Albert Einstein was able to simplify all existence into one simple but profound equation, E=MC2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light squared). That’s literally everything, including that limited magician with real magic. Einstein changed the way we view existence! The theory of relativity is a master theory in which all other theories have to be measured against. Einstein’s influence is much more impactful, and in turn, more impressive than pulling a cute long eared animal out of a hat. I would have assumed that everyone would agree with my analysis, but that wasn’t the case. One response sided with the magician. The response was based around the idea that no one Woodard 2

would ever be able to attain the magician’s power. This, according to the response, would leave everyone feeling very impressed due to their inability to achieve such magical capabilities, regardless of how hard they worked for it. The ability to access Einstein’s achievements and the subsequent consequences to his discovery left Einstein to appear less...
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