Magic Carpet Trip Around the World in Minutes

Topics: Government, Middle East, World War II Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: June 24, 2013
-Magic Carpet trip around the world in 40 minutes.
-Europe -> Security Challenges; airlines served Europe, they put less money into their air security. -Saudi Arabia -> concerned about oil out of control. Could hurt badly. Instability is there in general. Iran and Saudi Arabia= enemies . Nuclear weapons. -Persian Gulf->

-Iran sponsors terrorism, better than Alkada. Doesn’t believe in the state of Israel and they pursue nuclear weapons.
Iranian Sheia endure pain
Conflict with Iran and Israel
-Afghanistan & Pakistan-> both governments are weak in not providing services
-weak economy, and the floods only worsened this
-also terrorists threat to kill/replace governments
-nuclear weapons
Afghan -situation where their President reelection frauds, lots of candidates (this is positive), Nader is responsible for security in Afghan.
-Need connection between police, army and President or no people will follow
-If vote, were threatened to be killed, so the women would dress as mourners to vote. They want to change their government. They want improvement. They want a good government. Iraq- 50,000 troops there. Iraqis can handle their own internal security. Violence is there because of uncertainty about where the government is going. -French foreign minister says positive things about Iraq (first foreign power to do so) “The democratic Iraq has potential for changing dynamics in the middle east.” (Because the middle east with Israel and all the tensions and constant battles, this says a lot and gives hope to a light out of the constant tension this region is constantly in.) -China-> not traditional military threat; -growing economy power but millions in poverty. -China can’t power (they lack the energy), nor feed themselves (they lack the natural resources). -Territories in South China by the sea -> the incident earlier this year was, in Gen. Myers opinion, were just to exert influence. China used to have a...
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