Magic Box

Topics: English-language films, Immortality, Soul Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: December 20, 2005
Around the town of Stratsonville, Alabama deep in the south there has always been a legend of a strange box that had can invoke great wonders. The box was said to be in the keeping of a crazy old wizard named Majular that was immortal. But of course no one really knew any truth about this legend though. Lars thought he did though. He would try to entice us with his story of Majular. "That old timer could vanquish you with the touch of a finger", Lars would say. He always talked about finding the truth out about this and settling the legend forever.

Ever since Lars moved here from Detroit he seemed to get us into troubles and he really did it this time. He would always say, "C'mon G-dog its all fo a little fun." It was on a dark and cold Thursday night when Lars convinced Ozzy, Steve, and I to enter the forbidden forest with him and steal the box from Majular. At first I told him, "Why does y'all want to get into this nonsense"

So we treaded through the filthy swamp and made our way along until finally we came to the home of Majular. It was a small run down log cabin that looked as if it could have been a few hundred years old. Lars decided he would be the one to go get it because he thought himself the strongest and bravest. He snuck in through the window and ended up in a room with the most wretched smell. He looked around the house and it seemed to be empty. Steve, Ozzy, and I watched from a distance and tried to be as quiet as possible. Lars opened a final door with a blinding green light shining through it. He came closer and picked up what must have been the box. I watched as he opened it and then disappeared. We quickly decided to go in and get Lars. As we wandered in the cabin Majular popped out of a cloud of green smoke. "None shall ever pass the almighty Majular", he blasted at us. He was easily 8 feet tall with gray hair down to his knees and brown fingernails that were as sharp as a...
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