Topics: Little Red Riding Hood, Meaning of life, Learning Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Tamika O’Neal
October 12, 2012
In Class Essay

As a child fairytales was the only things that I read and even watched. I imagined many worlds of magic and fun. To me, fairytales and magic should be a part of every child’s youth. The reason is, with fairytales, they are the starting point to a child’s creativity and imagination but are also taught lessons in everyday life. As a child those lessons in the beginning are hard for then to comprehend as they are not fully capable to understand the lessons and meanings in the stories, but as they get older they become wiser and are able to understand the deeper meaning of the fairytales and what effect they had on their lives. A child’s imagination is the start of their learning. Creativity is the key for the child there are lessons to be learned in some of these fairytales. For example, the boy who cried wolf lesson was, its not good to lie because in the end if you lie to much no one will believe you when you’re actually telling the truth. Goldilocks and the three bears lesson was don’t break into people houses and touch they’re belongs without permission. And little red riding hood lesson was don’t talk to strangers. Every fairytale has a lesson that we don’t know about as a child but when it comes to parents, they should understand that it’s a great tool to use. In a way fairytales talk to children giving them a sense of understanding. Fairytales also gives an understanding of life. The cruelties and struggles and even deaths that children aren’t able to fully understand. By keeping that magic apart of the child’s life, they will be able to cope with the things in his or her life. A child’s need for magic is strong. And with magic a child becomes creative. They develop a part of themselves that they have never experienced before. The child has a world of their own and they discover new wonders in which they will take with them as they become older.
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