Maggie And Dee Analysis

Topics: Family, Short story, Love, Mother, Sibling, Fiction / Pages: 2 (306 words) / Published: Mar 27th, 2017
In the story “Everyday Us,” the sisters Maggie and Dee are very different, yet they still have some things in common. Their appearances are completely different, as well as their attitude, but they both have a strong love for their mother and heritage.
When you compare the sisters you will find the strong love that each of them share for their mother, and heritage as well. They both truly love their mother, and would do anything for her. Maggie stays home with her mother, and learns more about where she is from, while Dee, the older sister leaves to attends collage to learn more about her heritage. While Dee is attending college, Maggie and her mother wait for her to arrive back home. They both are similar because they want to learn more about

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