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In the story “Everyday Use”, by Alice Walker, Walker employs a vivid characterization of three main characters. “Everyday Use” focuses on the different characteristics of three main characters. Maggie Johnson is the youngest of two daughters of Mama. In the story, Mama gives vivid details of Maggie’s incident in the burning house. Maggie was severely burned in a house fire. Walker has Maggie has accepted life as it is and continues to live in an uneducated world where happiness is formed in the heart, not with possessions. In the story, Maggie is barely visible or ever seen by the world.

The burning is a very significant factor in the way Maggie feels about herself. Maggie was very traumatized from the burning of the house. Mama refers to Maggie’s walk to a lame dog run over by a car: “chin on chest, eyes on ground, and feet in shuffle.”( ) Maggie has been very self-conscious since the incident of the burning fire. Maggie is afraid of people seeing her; therefore, she lack self-confidence , in which makes her scared to make eye contact. The burning of the house severely scarred Maggie emotionally and physically. This incident plays a significant role in the way Maggie presents herself to the world. Maggie’s evident abridgement of assurance in herself is caused mostly by the fire.

In the beginning of the story, Maggie and Mama are waiting for the arrival of Dee for visit. it has been awhile since they have seen Dee. Maggie is described by Mama as being nervous until after Dee goes back. However, Dee has not arrived yet. This illustrates that Maggie feels inferior to Dee. Maggie is intimidated by her sister because she is not educated as attractive as her sister. Dee approaches Mama and Dee as if she is superior to them and she is above them. For example, Maggie gives in and says that Dee may have the quilts because she is not used to winning.

Although Maggie is not well-educated, she does obtain a great skill in quilting. She learns how to quilt from...
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