Topics: Saturday, Need, Sitting Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: December 10, 2013
 When I was a kid life was so much fun but still all I wanted was to be an adult. I was always fascinated by all the great and interesting things that adults were able to do. Every year that passed I was grew more excited because I was getting closer to being an adult. Now that I am an adult I wish I could be a kid again. Its quite amazing how fast your opinion can change. All the activities that I can do now do not compare to even one day as being a child. On the other hand I still enjoy being an adult and I still have a lot to experience. My life as a child and as an adult is vastly different but still is similar in small ways. When I was a child I was allowed to do basically anything that I wanted to do. I would go outside, play with my friends and play sports all day long. Being a child was fun and had many positive sides to it. As a child I never had to worry about having to work or if I had a test the next day. Life was fairly stress free. All I had to worry about was what time my favorite cartoons were going to be on Saturday morning or what my friends down the road were doing. On Saturdays I would wake up bright and early and sit in the living room in front of the television or go outside to meet my friends for a game of tag. As I would be sitting around the house, all I could smell was my mother cooking breakfast. It was nice to have someone cook for you, and not have to worry about feeding yourself. As a child I did not have to worry about money. There was no need to, all the money I needed was to buy some candy or a favorite movie or CD. Every week I would receive an allowance which was ten dollars that I was allowed to do anything I pleased with. I thought this was a lot of money when I was young. When you're a child there never is a thought of having to save up in order to purchase something you really want. Childhood does come with its great moments but it's not as fun as it sounds. Being a child, you do not obtain all the freedom that you may...
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