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Case Study Assignment
Q.1: Which department is responsible to maintain records of employees? A.1: HR department is responsible to maintain the record of employees. Q.2: The Company wants to purchase 10 new PCs. Which department will conduct market research and recommend the brands of PCs to be purchased? A.2: Marketing department.

Q.3: To computerize the Production Control System, which steps are to be followed by the team of Systems Analysts and Programmers? What is the name given to these steps? A.3:
Q.4: Which department is responsible to manufacture items?
A.4: Production department.
Q.5: List down any 4 activities in an Inventory System?
Q.6: On which Storage Device, the information of the computerized systems is kept? A.6:
Q.7: Which department is responsible to pay salaries to employees? A.7: HR department and Finance department.
Q.8: What is the name of System Software used on the computers? A.8:

Q.9: Which department sends items to dealers?
A.9: Produaction department.
Q.10: How many people are there in the Management?
A.10:there are 6 departments I the head office and are headed by 6 manager i.e. Hr manager, Finance manager, Inventory manager, Production manager,Information system manager. Q.11: Name the Tailor-made Software currently running in the company? A.11:

Q.12: All the systems running in the organization are management information systems. List down 2 decisions taken by management in each of the CBIS? A.12:
Q.13: Which department keeps a record of items in stock and items sold? A.13: Inventory department.
Q.14: Which type of Processing System is used to update the inventory (stock)? A.14:Inventory system.
Q.15: List down the names of Application Software used on the computers? A.15:
Q.16: Which type of Processing System is used to add a new employee in the HR System? A.16:
Q.17: If Finance, Marketing and Inventory departments want to coordinate with each other,...
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