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By whitealexie Jun 03, 2014 493 Words
Alexie White
ENGL 1020-06I
Mrs. Norwood
14 February 2014

Essay One

Magazines handle emotional appeal through full-page advertisements. The magazine I chose was, “Web MD Campus.” In this magazine there is four advertisements that displays four different emotional approaches. In this essay I will be explaining the emotional appeal in the four advertisements I have chosen. The four advertisement topics are about Nair, two on ADHD, and American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

The first advertisement is about ADHD. It is sponsored by Shire, ADDA, and CHADD. This advertisement tells the story about a man name, Shane Victorino. He has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Shane is a Athlete and Philanthropist. Shane Victorino tells his story about him not growing his ADHD. The advertisement said, “If you had ADHD as a kid, you may still have it. This ad gives a link to hear and learn more on Shane Victorino story. This advertisement is found in a magazine that is represented by the targeted audience. The advertisement is convincing in their marketing techniques because it gives people the opportunity to tell their stories about them having ADHD. The kinds stereotypes that the advertisement suggest about the readers of the magazines will be different depending on race, culture, and attitudes. The advertisement is suppose to make the reader feel good. They will feel good by telling their story of their ADHD. This also makes them feel like someone is hearing their story and understanding what its like to have ADHD. The visual effectiveness of the advertisement is very simple. If you read the words you on the advertisement really helps you to understand the advertisement a little better.

The second advertisement is about ADHD. It is sponsored by Shire, ADDA, and CHADD. The advertisement tell the story about a women name, Meagan. She is a graduate student. Meagan tells her stories about having ADHD. She states that she is her own ADHD. The advertisements leaves a very important message about being concerned that you might have ADHD, or if you had it has a kid and may thought you outgrew it. It suggest that you should hear Meagan’s story then after listening to the story talk to your doctor. The advertisements is found in a magazine that representative of the magazine’s targeted audience. This advertisement is convincing in the marketing techniques. The kind of stereotypes that the advertisement suggest about the readers of the magazine will be some with ADHD or someone who knows some with ADHD. The advertisement is suppose to make reader fell good and help this understand ADHD. The visual advertisement is explained very well.

The two advertisements promote the same type product. Both of advertisements talk about ADHD. It tells two stories about two people with ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most common mental disorder. It is developed in young children. In both advertisements it states that you don’t outgrow ADHD when you get older.

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