Magazine Advertisements Send Unhealthy Signals To Women

Topics: Female body shape, Nutrition, Body shape Pages: 2 (845 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Magazines advertisements portray beauty using models that are usually abnormally thin. This makes most woman, especially those who are young, feel inferior and insecure about their own bodies. They believe they will only be beautiful if they look like the women in the magazines. Most women will try going on a crazy diets like the tapeworm diet, or the baby food diet, just to try to look like the models on the cover of magazines. Even young girls see the magazines as a reflection of what they should look like when they get older. Woman will stare at themselves in the mirror and find all kinds of things wrong with their body, face, and clothing. They will compare anything and everything from their weight to their hair to the models on the cover and within the pages of magazines. Magazines portray body images that are unrealistic, bad for woman’s self-esteem, and makes them do crazy things to reach an unrealistic goal. The promotion of very thin models, such as Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista, create a distorted body image that young women try to imitate. Female models are becoming thinner at a time when women are becoming heavier, and the gap between the ideal body shape and reality is wider than ever. When you look through certain magazines you will see titles like “Lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days.” “Learn the secret to creating a better you.” “Lose weight buy the suite.” All these phrases have made the cover of magazines, and make girls think that that is what you have to look like to be noticed. No there is nothing wrong with these women being thin and beautiful, but advertising companies should promote more realistic body types. Advertisement companies are giving a false stereotype of what beauty is. They give women an impossible goal that they strive to reach. Trying everything they can to try to look like the “perfect” woman. Young women look at thin models and see themselves as fat in comparison. This is making young women feel the...
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