Topics: Male, Gender, Men's health risks Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Jorge L. Meza
Mens Health Content Analysis

Men's Health is a magazine that targets its audience among males. It features a male image stereotyping the ideal male physique, low body fat and very muscular. The content of the articules feature in this amagazine are base in men's mental and physical well being with a strong focus in leaness and masculinity. The types of articles that can be found in every monthly issue in Men's Health magazine are about health, sex and relationships and guy wisdom. There can be found around three articles about health, sex and relationships such as how to prevent certain deseases or how to keep a happy marriage. Throughout the magazine can be found several articles fashion, travel, careers and money.

There are a variaty of ads displayed in Men's Health. Heavy advertising about health and fitness can be found such as fitness supplements, fitness apparel, men's care products, men's fashion accesories, fragances, among others. Fitness supplements cover about 31.7% of ads displayed in which supplements such as protein shakes and fatburners can be found. Fitness apparel cover 12.19% of ads thar advertise brands such as Nike, Adidas and culumbia. Men's care products cover 12.19% af ads promoting brands such as gillete, axe, listerine among others. Fashion ads cover 19% of ads featuring brands such as Breitling and Hugo Boss. Fragances such as chanel, Savatore Ferragamo and dolce and gabbanna cover around 9.75% of ads. The remaining 15% is for the advertising of automobiles such as Toyota and Jeep.

Men's Health promotes the ads displayed in its content by placing them around articles of high relevance with the ads. They link key attributes to the brands that are appealing to their target market. An example of this could be the advertising of Nike tennis shoes place right after an article concerning sport performance. Men's Health uses persuation strategies placing the ads in conjuntion with some articles. Throught repetition af...
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