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Yakuza Films

Yakuza films make up their own genre in Japanese culture while mob films on the other hand have a separate slot for films about Westernized Gangsters

Yakuza Films Also vary heavily...going from Outcast movies to full blown crime syndicates

But if we are including stuff from Japan to show world gang flicks then Yakuza films generally have a high set tradition of the Samurai Ethical code set in a modern Gangster. And most likely always pay homage to the old ways.

British Mob Films

English mob Films did not surface until the 1960's until that point they were dominated by americanized mob films of the prohibition era. One of the first Real british gangster flick was “The League of Gentlemen” Movies such as this had a great surge of popularity in England due to longing of a gritty and realistic film close to home. British Gang movies though Really evolved in the 70's and 80's when they started including Scottish and Irish oriented films into the mix giving a full dynamic of mobs to choose from in the U.K English Mafia Movies took of in the early 2000's With films like Layer Cake, Snatch, In Bruges Rock N Rolla. Recommended Watches: “Layer Cake”, “Rock N Rolla”, “Ganster No.1”, “Snatch”, “The Long Good Friday”, “Sexy Beast”, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, “The League Of Gentlemen”

Guy Ritchie
Directors in this genre are incredibly diverse that only guy rictihie really only has the genre set as his primary genre but Directors that made some great British Gang Flicks are 1. Basil Dearden: “The League of Gentlemen”

2. Paul Mcguigan: “Gangster No. 1
3. John Mackenzie: “The Long Good Friday”
4. Matthew Vaughn: “Layer Cake”
5. William Monahan: “London Boulevard”

Matthew Vaughn

Daniel Craig
Tom Hardy
Jack Hawkins
Tom Wilkinson
Michael Caine
Toby Kebbel
Bob Hoskins
Ray Winstone
Colin Ferrel
Mark Strong
Brendan Gleesan

Casting: Usally one big star of the time mixed...
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