Madonna Case

Topics: First-mover advantage, Strategic management, First-move advantage in chess Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: October 10, 2009
Q1. (Broad) Differentiation strategy, it is a strategy that provides products or services that offer benefits that are different from those of competitors and that are widely valued by buyers. Madonna follows differentiation strategy by identifying and understanding the strategic customers. Madonna identifies and understands the target group well, such as target at young ‘wannabe’ girl by poppy style. Also, she was using Marilyn image to obtain a new group of fans, also allow the growing up fans to take more critical message. Madonna keep changing her persona and style in order to target different group of target segments from children to mother age and even gay-icon audience, etc . Madonna had took part in different ad campaign such as GAP and Max factor in order to differentiate her image and target different kind of people. Besides, we say that Madonna follows differentiation strategy because she can identify the key competitors and differential it’s music genre and image in order to increase the difficulty of imitation. Madonna realize that there are lots of artists today, the competition is high, therefore, Madonna tried to differentiate its music by teemed up with techno pioneer William Orbit to produce album, this first mover advantage makes Madonna differentiate with other pop stars and gain huge success. Also, she was doing cross-marketing the album image with D&G in its men’s fashion shows in order to become the dance-pop crown. The strategy followed by Madonna leads other pop stars find it difficult to imitate or follow her chameleon-like ability and therefore Madonna benefits from it such as album sales, revenue, different cohort of fans and sponsors.
Q2 Madonna experienced sustained success because she is able to create difficulties of imitation by using differentiation strategy. As Madonna has at the top for decades, therefore she have a lot of experiences in her career, the experiences she obtained is difficult to imitate by other...
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