Madonna Business Case Analysis

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Madonna Business Case Analysis
This business case analysis explores the theme of strategy by examining the career of Madonna, the world’s highest earning female entertainer, and one of the most business savvy women in the world . The case analysis identifies the impact that strategy can have on successful performance, and that it can be applied to both individuals as well as organizations. As we see in the example Madonna demonstrates that strategy is not about creating a detailed plan, but about establishing an overall direction that has clear goals, understands the competitive environment, appraises resources, is effectively implemented, and easily adaptable. Synopsis of the Case

From Madonna's early days in her career, she has always strived to one vision, to be the world's top female performer. Through personal drive and dedication she has been extremely successful throughout her 29 year career and is still earning extreme amounts of money. In 2010, she landed in the Forbes top 25 moneymakers earning approximately 58 million dollars this year (Forbes, 2010). This has not been done by accident, through shrewd business moves that has allowed herself to reinvent herself time and time again she has kept herself relevant in the fickle public's eye. Her successes has allowed herself to strategically diversify herself even further allowing her to reach even more people through her film, writing, and other business opportunities, creating enormous value for herself. Her strategy might be more of one that has been made through emergence rather than design, however make no mistake she has positioned herself to succeed and meet her vision. Relevant Factual Information about the Problem or Decision the Organization Faced Madonna is an extremely dedicated and successful business woman. She had the drive and vision on what she wanted to become. Now she needed a strategy to get there. She identified her weaknesses and how to play them down while playing to her...
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