Madame Elisabeth (Louis Xvi's Sister)

Topics: Louis XVI of France, Marie Antoinette, Louis XVIII of France Pages: 4 (1633 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Madame Élisabeth
My name is Élisabeth Philippine Marie Hélène de France and I am the youngest sister of the King of France, King Louis XVI. I was born on May 4th 1764, in the palace of Versailles, France. I am the youngest child of Marie-Josèphe of Saxony and Louis, Dauphin of France. My grandparents are King Louis XV of France and Marie Leszczyńska, which makes me the Petite-Fille de France. I have four siblings, Louis Auguste, Louis Stanislas, Charles Philippe, and Clotilde. I became an orphan at the age of three and was raised by Marie Louise de Rohan. I have been given a good education and I am noted as a skilled rider, as well as an excellent embroiderer and artist. Early in childhood, I became attached to my brother Louis XVI. Religion became a large part of my life from an early age. I was taught the basics of religion by my sister, Clotilde. I refused every opportunity of marriage that was presented because I was attached to my brother and his wife, Marie Antoinette. I have remained loyal to my brother and his family even when the events of the French Revolution became apparent. During the French Revolution, I was strong willed of my opinion of opposing the supporters of a constitutional monarchy and of any sort of compromise that would jeopardize the monarchy (Wikipedia 1). I was put on trial and accused of assisting in the King’s attempt to escape to Austria, for “supplying émigrés with funds”, and for allegedly “encouraging the resistance of the royal troops” (Wikipedia 1).To all of the accusations that were addressed at me, and to being called the ‘sister of a Tyrant’ I replied “If my brother had been what you call him, you would not have been where you are, nor I where I am.” (Wikipedia 1). I “followed Marie-Antoinette to Varennes, to the Temple prison, and then to the scaffold on which’ I ‘died in 1794 before being buried in a common grave.” ( I was executed a devout catholic, a loving and supportive sister, and a...
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