Macro Marketing

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6. What is the difference between micromarketing and macromarketing? What subjects, or areas of interest, should be included in macromarketing? Is it a promising area for theory development in marketing? why or why not?

Bullet Points:
1. Definition of micromarketing
2. Definition of macromarketing
3. Relationship or differences
4. Subjects in macromarketing
5. Special Features of marketing theory
6. Which is better? Why?

1. micromarketing
Micro refers to the marketing activities of individual units, normally individual organizations (firms) and consumers or households. (Hunt, 1976)

2. macromarketing
Macro suggests a higher level of aggregation, usually marketing systems or group of consumers. (Hunt, 1976)

“---Macromarketing should connote an aspect of marketing which is ‘larger’ than what is otherwise considered” Bartels and Jenkins (1977) argue, “most widely, macromarketing has meant marketing in general and the data which depict marketing in general. It has meant the marketing process in its entirety, and the aggregate mechanism of institutions performing it. It has meant systems and groups of micro institutions, such as channels, conglomerates, industries, and associations, in contrast to their individual component units. More recently, it has meant the social context of macromarketing, its role in the national economy, and its application to the marketing of noneconomic goods. It has also meant the uncontrollable environment of micro firms. 3. Difference between micro and macro marketing

1) micro and macro marketing identify two aspects of the marketing process, as the former has emerged a concept of marketing processes in both single and multiple entrepreneurial units managed for private gain; while the latter, contrasted with marketing processes managed in public agencies for the benefit of society in general. 2) micro marketing focuses on function, technology aspect of marketing while macro marketing sees marketing as a whole,...
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