macro factors affecting business strategy

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The external environment of a business includes a variety of factors such as competitors, suppliers and regulations that influence major strategic decisions. Scanning and assessing the external environment is a vital part of strategic decision-making in entrepreneurial ventures. This helps small-business managers locate factors that pose opportunities or threats to their businesses. A better understanding of the ramifications of external environmental factors can improve success and survival for small businesses.
Strategic Decision-Making
In formulating strategic decisions, managers need to consider present and future environmental opportunities and threats. Entrepreneurs develop a basic business idea with a target customer base. Then they proceed to scan the environment for opportunities and threats and analyze the results in the light of company's resources and strengths. This analysis gives the managers the information to decide on the feasibility of the business idea. Oversight in identifying opportunities or threats can lead to misguided strategic decisions and business failure. Task Environment

The task environment of a business includes the components of the environment that the company deals with directly, such as customers, suppliers and competitors. Customers are the central stakeholders in strategic decision-making. Any decision that sidelines the needs of the customers can potentially lead to loss of business. Suppliers provide inputs for the value-creation process of the company. Any lapse in the quality of their products and services can affect the operations of the company and eventually trickle down to the customer. As a result, the management works with suppliers to ensure they provide timely and quality service. Any strategic decision should consider the reaction of competitors. Strategic decisions may strengthen the position of the company in relation to competitors or may leave the company vulnerable to competitor...
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