Macro-Environmental Factors in Vietnam

Topics: Vietnam, Southeast Asia, French Indochina Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: September 18, 2011
Macro-Environmental Factors
Vietnam is a peninsula, which located in the Southeast Asia monsoon zone. Its long narrow territory stretches 1700km from north to south and in the center a mere 50km from east to west, the territory looks like a dragon stand at east of the Indo-Chinese peninsula. The coastline, which extends for 3260km, has fine beaches and archipelagos. It not only has beautiful landscape attracts countless tourists and also can get rich seafood, provided favorable conditions for raw materials of the food.

Because Vietnam is located between the tropic of Cancer and the Equator, which giver rises to a humid climate, ice cream will be popular for the whole year. The country covers an area of 327500km2. And population is one of large resource for Vietnam. Recent census estimates the population of Vietnam at beyond 84 million. The population is also one of potential opportunities of business. Vietnam is young, the average age of Vietnamese is 23.1, and young people are the main producers and consumers for Vietnam. Not only the average age is young, the development is also a young man. After 1986, it opens the mark; begin to do business and more and more foreign company entry to the Vietnam market after join the WTO in 2006. In history, Vietnam is part of French Indochina. “The French administration imposed significant political and cultural changes on Vietnamese society. A Western-style system of education has developed,” at that time. (

· Political/Legal:
The major legal roadblocks that La Porchetta will have to overcome upon entering the Vietnam’s market regard food regulations. Currently, they do not have unified food law. As Russin and Vecchi said “Understanding Vietnamese laws and regulations concerning food can be a challenge. The government relies primarily on laws, which regulate the quality of goods in general. But there are also specific regulations that apply these laws to food...
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