Macro and Micro

Topics: Sociology, Equals sign, American Civil War Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: May 9, 2006
Inequalities of social class, race, and ethnicity and gender effects the life chances on the macro and micro level. Inequalities that are inherited to the American way of life have caused enormous pain and suffering along with the social class, race and gender. People have been abused and held back from living and achieving life potential. It is sadly ironic that a country that was founded on liberty and freedom and would be so mired in the sludge of racism and bigotry.

This sad condition was born even as our founders signing the declaration of independence. The American civil war divided a country in that division has never been fully healed. We view people of color different religions and new immigrants with fear, anxiety and finally distrust. As a people we have been unable to embrace the American belief that liberty and freedom, and all men created equal as a doctrine put in practice.

Women are treated as minorities on a macro level prestige bias along with gay and lesbian that have a chilling effect on their subculture. It is a treatment that the country puts different of these citizens. These alienated practices have affected people on a micro level; indivuals and small groups have been affected by the presence of bias in a larger group. This has led to civil right movements, women movements and gay and lesbian movements that can be viewed as revolutions. On the macro level the public opinion has kept minorities in their place and obstructed upward mobile mobility. It has kept woman from achieving equality and as equals to men in many key areas. For women this has been a challenge with the attacks of sexual harassment and time for equal pay in the workplace. For Gay and lesbian they have been kept as outcasts and have put them on the very fringe of our society. On a micro level the inequalities of the individual has affected their lives. In which it has destroyed the American dream for countless numbers. This has led to large movements...
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