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Maksim Gelman is a Ukrainian, and also a naturalized American man that was responsible for a heinous four victim killing spree from February 11-12 in 2011 in New York City's Brooklyn and Manhattan; he is also responsible for the wounding of at least five others. He is interviewed in A&E'S THE KILLER SPEAKS where he displays the ruthless and remorseless mind of a murderer.

Maksim Gelman attended Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, the other people interviewed described Gelman as a small time cocaine and PCP dealer and heavy user of the same drugs. In his high school he was very unpopular and probably served to heighten the affects of paranoia and psychosis. Truly the most exacerbating factor was his use of heavy narcotics such as PCP which have been proven to affect the human mind with paranoia. This paranoia led him to fabricate pursues in his mind such as his belief that federal police officers were chasing him. Later in the documentary it is said that no federal police surveillance was dispatched. He built a record with law enforcement after being arrested many times, mostly for graffiti-related offenses.

The horrors began after he repeatedly stabbed his stepfather Aleksander Kuznetsov over 50 times. His mother called the police and gave them information regarding the stabbings. Gelman drove away in the family's Lexus leaving the Sheepshead Bay area in an attempt to escape. Slightly after Gelman's rage was focused on ex-friend Yelena Bulchenko. He drove to her home and found that she was not home. He brutally stabbed and killed Bulchenko's mother Anna in an attempt to find out where Yelena was. When Yelena returned from a friends house she came home to her mothers body. Gelman returned and stabbed Yelena in the stomach and them slit her throat. After he stabs Yelena he steals a car and strikes a 60 year old pedestrian, ending his life. His wild and reckless driving continued until he ditches the car to try to catch a train going towards the...
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