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Success and Failures of Mackenzie King

Kalistan, Anett
Mrs. Ducklow
Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
Success is what most people want in their lives, and this is what most people strive for. Also, they want to have success in their lives so that they can achieve all the goals that they have planned out. They also want to accomplish these goals so they can have a successful life. On the other hand, failures are what most people try to avoid because they cannot be successful and accomplish their goals. Also, these people do not achieve their goals that they have planned out. Most people want to have more successes than failures in their lives. Many people also want to be a good leader or a strong leader so that they can set out examples to young people and everyone else. So they try really hard to possess that quality .Political leaders have many successes in their lives but also failures. One of the political leaders that has been successful in life and has also had failures was Mackenzie King. In the history of Canadian prime ministers, many of them show that they had many success and failures. However, the prime minister who shows the most successes and failures is William Lyon Mackenzie King. He shows that he was successful and had failures to the Canadian government. He was successful in a number of ways, including in the Second World War, in unemployment insurance and in the conscription crisis. However, King is also known for some of his failures, such as his failures in the province of Alberta, and his inability to assist the provinces with their needs. Overall, Mackenzie King proves himself to be a good leader as the Canadian prime minister. Success is when you have accomplished something that you planned and you have had the desire for. Mackenzie King shows that he was successful in many incidents, like during the Second World War that he had lead the Canadians through, unemployment insurance, and the conscription crisis

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