Mackenzie King
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William Lyon Mackenzie King

William Lyon Mackenzie King was the tenth prime minister of Canada, he had loved luxury and comfort but most of all power. During the 21 years that he served as Prime Minister, Mackenzie faced many hard decisions, and had proved himself as an effective leader socially, nationally, and through the dark times of war. Mackenzie made many important allies during the war, and quite possibly prevented Canada from breaking out into a civil war. Mackenzie King was born on December 17, 1874 in Berlin Ontario and from the time Mackenzie was young he was concerned about the world around him. Mackenzie was inspired by two people in his life, his mother, Isabel Mackenzie, and his grandfather. Mackenzie King’s extraordinary achievements are what make him one of the greatest Prime Ministers Canada has ever known. Such as he made old age pension for the elderly. He made unemployment Insurance Act for those without work Family Allowance to assist families. King made sure to refrain from forcing men to fight in WWII. Mackenzie King was widely respected by his generation for his intelligence, and altruistic personality, but above all, for his achievements. Mackenzie King was named after his grandfather. Son of an unsuccessful lawyer and ambitious mother but his family was far from indigent. His complex character was one of great intelligence, intuition, and ambition, his Private Occupation was a Civil servant. King was a member of the liberals, he was prime minister from 1921 to 1930 and was re-elected in 1935 to 1948.Studied at University of Toronto, Chicago, Harvard and the London School of EconomicsEducation also included social work in some of the worst slums in North AmericaRemains the most well-educated of Canadian Prime Ministers

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