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Machiavellian characteristics
Machiavelli wrote the book The Prince and in the book he wrote how a ruler should treat his kingdom. His ideas were based on political instability of his time. Machiavelli argues that it is better for a leader to be feared than to be loved because fear brings order and loyalty. Friendships are acquired with money and not through greatness and nobility of character. Machiavelli also said never waste alliance with less powerful states, always set out to decrease the neighboring states power. Send your colonies to settle in a new place and never invite powerful state into your territory.

The first ruler that followed Machiavelli’s ideas of a ruler was Sunni Ali from Africa. Sunni Ali founded the city of Gao. He was an excellent soldier and an able administrator. Sunni established a government designed to ensure tighter control over his subjects. He divided his kingdom into provinces, each with a governor and officials who reported directly to the king in cap. He built warships to enforce peace along the Niger River. That is how Sunni Ali had followed Machiavelli’s ideas for a ruler.

The second ruler that followed Machiavelli’s ideas of how to rule was Empress Wu from China. Empress Wu was a strong leader and an able administrator. She created a secret police force to spy on those who may be opposing her. If someone did not grant her wishes she would execute them or have them thrown into jail. Empress Wu made Buddhism the main religion in China. She took a lot of pride in her power and if anything or anyone that was even a little threat to her she had them killed or exiled. Empress Wu also was the first to select graduates of the civil service examinations for the highest positions in government.

Those are just two type of ruler from different places that followed Machiavelli’s ideas. They both had successful rulings of their kingdoms.
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