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Topics: Donald Trump, University of Pennsylvania, Fred Trump Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: February 26, 2013
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Basic Concept
The level of difficulty a new leader will experience throughout the progression of business growth will depend on the leader’s ability. Any person can become a successful leader either through luck or through hard work. Luck may come in the form of inheritance or support from a family member or a close contact. Ability will be earned through hard work and dedication, which will reward the leader with knowledge and respect. To compare the two, luck may be a quicker way to success, however, ability through hard work and dedication will surely build a stronger foundation for ability to maintain the earned power; thus, allowing the leader to have a firmer grip on his position and enable him to keep his power for longer. The leaders employees having seen him progress through different stages, growing and working towards his goal of obtaining power will have respect for him, because the average employee can relate to him having seen the leader do the employees work in the past. Chapter 6 elaborates on a theme of personal ability. “Virtù” is the Italian word Machiavelli uses to describe a successful leader, the meaning of which does not have an English equivalent; however, comes closer in meaning to the Latin word virtus,"virility" in English. Although the exact meaning of “virtu” has not been specified, it is understood to describe ability, skill, energy, forcefulness, strength, ingenuity, courage, or determination. Virtù is the quality which defines a successful leader, and is the quality one must possess in order to succeed in the world of business. Having to evaluate any successful leader of the current times, each one of them possesses this quality, taking for example Donald Trump whom inherited his fortune, or Warren Buffett whom grew his account from nothing to billions of dollars. Also, it is stated in this chapter that virtù...
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