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Machiavelli Essay.
Machiavelli attempted to gain the favor of a local leader by advising the prince through the use of tactful deductive reasoning, vivid perspective, and plentiful historical references, to convey the important skills required to be an effective prince.

The way Machiavelli used deductive reasoning was to portray the importance of doing a certain task and doing it properly, to have the correct effect. “He must, therefore, never raise his thought from his exercise of war, and in peace time he must train himself more than in time of war…” This statement Machiavelli made was a general principle to the specific case to always be prepared by action and by mind. Also stated “A prince, therefore, unable to use this virtue of generosity in a manner which will not harm himself if he is known for it, should, if he is wise, not worry about being called a miser…” is a general purpose to the specific case that being generous will have a negative more than a positive look on you in the long run. “ A prince, therefore, must be very careful to never let anything slip from his lips which is not full of the five qualities mentioned…he should appear upon seeing and hearing him, to be all mercy, all faithfulness, all integrity, all kindness, all religion. “This meant that what comes out of the princes mouth need to follow his persona; as if a constant acting was to be followed. The effectiveness the deductive reasoning was to make the reader understand that all of what Machiavelli was handing out to the prince was for his own benefit.

Machiavelli had an extraordinarily way of showing his perspective. “…I know that everyone will admit that it would be a very praiseworthy thing to find a prince, of the qualities mentioned above, those that are held to be good…” This meant that in Machiavelli’s perspective, it would’ve been the best thing for the prince, to be all of the qualities he had mentioned. “…I say that it would be good to be...
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